Recently, during the post-Hangout conversation of a Rakestraw Book Design Hangout, a friend was surprised to learn that I direct the narrative voice of my writing toward women. It isn’t obvious, and neither men nor women realize it in the reading, but I do it. I believe it is one thing to develop and use a writing voice, and it is another to direct it when a writer writes. To be honest, I prefer talking to women rather than to men, with some rare few exceptions, of course. My friend, in fact, is one of the exceptions.

My friend’s concern was that I was leaving out half the population of any given demographic. And he was right. In my mind, when I’m writing, that’s exactly what I’m doing. There may be men then who will refuse to read what I write. On the other hand, there may be additional women who choose to read what I write. I don’t know. I will still direct my narrative voice to a female reader, rather than to the reader in general. 

There are millions of women in the Unites States and millions more to come. If I can count my sales among these millions, I’ll be content with that. A man can’t have too many women, either at once or in sequence. I’ve experienced both, and I’ve determined in-sequence is less tiring (or tiresome, either one will do). A plurality of women in a man’s life is imperative to his education and his world view. Otherwise he is doomed to a life of Prufrock mediocrity, measured in teaspoons, and leaving a wealth of intelligence gone to waste. I have known only a measurable few of the millions, but enough to realize their value in my life.

In the event there is nothing a man can learn from his last woman, there is invariably something he can learn about her. And what he learns about the last one is the enabler to what he can learn from the next. There is no other rule.

I am not one who worships women, or a god for that matter. There are rules for worshipping a god, and there are rules for worshipping a woman. A man can sing all the praises and offer all the tithing he can come up with, but he won’t get any closer to either one if he doesn’t obey the rules. So worshipping women is out of the question. I prefer to write to them.

They’re a worthy readership. I can rely on an honest evaluation. And I’ll get a point of view that translates to furthering the use of my voice. So, all of the above is why I direct my writing voice to women.


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